Bounded South by the ocean, North by Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, an on either side by the Jardim de Alá and Visconde de Albuquerque canals, Leblon's unique geography makes it a charming and celebrated district. Residents are discreetly elegant, and have an ability to blend styles in a fashion that is at once sophisticated and casual. And this is reflected in every aspect of life in Leblon: be prepared to see the finest restaurants alongside traditional bars, with the most prestigious doctors, lawyers, bankers, celebrities and intellectuals as patrons sharing a truly democratic and intelligent environment.

The neighborhood couldn't be better. A park known as Jardim de Alá is all that separates Leblon from Ipanema. And a short walk takes you to Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon.

If this is your first time in Rio, then discover, take in and be inspired by the city. If you are back from a previous stay, then you already know – but will certainly enjoy reacquainting yourself with – Rio.

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