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Rules of Conduct
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É permitida a entrada de cães obrigatoriamente conduzidos na coleira ou no colo.

Não é permitida a entrada de raças como Pitbull, Bull Terrier, Rotweiller,Doberman e Fila devido a possível agressividade do animal. 

É proibido o acesso de cães na praça de alimentação e restaurantes, com exceção de cão-guia de acordo com a Lei Federal nº 11.126*. 

Não é permitida a entrada de pessoas sem calçados, sem camisa e/ou em trajes de banho. 

Nosso estacionamento não funciona 24 horas. Veículos não poderão ser retirados após o fechamento do shopping e será cobrado o valor de R$50 pelo pernoite.

Dear visitor,

We invite you to join our Management in observing the following rules when on Shopping Leblon premises to ensure your stay is as inspiring and pleasant as possible. The following activities are not accepted:

The following will NOT be accepted:

1.  Any activity or conduct that threatens the safety of our patrons, visitors, tenants and/or staff, such as carrying firearms, white arms or weapons of any kind with the potential to endanger others;

2.  Any activity or conduct that is disruptive to the wholesome family-friendly environment we create for our patrons;

3.  Excessive noise, including yelling and loud music as well as fighting and use of inappropriate language that is racially, sexually, religiously or otherwise offensive;

4.  Wearing inappropriate clothing that incites or provokes violence or any apparel that conceals the face, including masks, hoods or other such articles that may prevent identification. This rule does not apply to articles worn for religious, cultural or medical reasons;

5.  Consumption of alcoholic beverages anywhere on the premises except in specifically designated areas;

6.  Use of skateboards, roller skates or other wheeled gear, whether or not motorized, except by persons with mobility problems using any gear/equipment for medical reasons

7.  Any activity or conduct that causes damage to any property belonging to the shopping center or its tenants;

8.  Any conduct that disrupts the legitimate business of the shopping center or its tenants or that is inconsistent with Shopping Leblon's business purpose of offering shopping, food and entertainment;

9.  Congregating and/or unnecessarily obstructing entrances, corridors, stairwells, elevators, fire exits and storefronts;

10.  Engaging in any commercial or other activity without prior permission from Shopping Leblon Management, except when sponsored by Shopping Leblon;

11.  Solicitation of money or other contributions without prior permission from shopping center Management;

12.  Pursuant to State Act 5517/09, smoking is not allowed anywhere in Shopping Leblon. Shopping Leblon is private property. Visitors not conducting themselves responsibly will be invited to leave the premises and if refusing to do so, police intervention may be requested and the offending visitor may be sued in accordance with Brazilian law, which visitors are expected to observe at all times. expand site map

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