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Shopping Leblon delivers on our commitment to sustainability through our Sustainable Living program

An environmentally friendly mall Shopping Leblon has been designed to maximize sunlight and is equipped with water harvesting systems, smart faucets and toilet flushes, and waste segregation arrangements on all floors:

• over 300,000 metric tons of waste are recycled directly by the shopping center every year.

• all light bulbs in the parking areas and throughout the mall will be replaced with LED units by June 2015.

Caring neighbors Shopping Leblon supports the Eco-Recycling Station at Cruzada São Sebastião, where around 5,000 residents are encouraged to trade in recyclable waste for discounts on their light bills. We also sponsor regular sporting activities for 300 children and teens ages 4 to 17, either at the Paulinho Pereira Beach Soccer School or at VivaVôlei, a project run by the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation with institutional support from UNESCO. In addition, 660 students from the Municipal School at Cruzada São Sebastião are exposed to science in its various forms through our "Science is Fun" project.

An icon of casual South District luxury and drawing inspiration from our guests' lifestyle, Shopping Leblon also seeks to lead by example, inspire changes in values and habits and create and inspiring vision for the future.